ReFi Hub is rewarding those who participate in the beginnings. Here you'll find key info about ReFi Hub and the token Airdrop.

What is ReFi Hub?

ReFi Hub is the home of impactful Real World Assets. ReFi Hub enable users to invest in tokenised assets within the regenerative economy.

What kind of businesses will be listed on the ReFi Hub Platform?

Medium sized businesses with a strong financial track record and impact potential. Primarily within sectors such as renewable energy, carbon capture, sustainable BTC mining and responsible consumables. See our full impact criteria here.

Why a Token?

The token will serve for the governance and functioning of ReFi Hub.

*Full tokenomics, and utility revealed soon.

How do I become eligible for the Airdrop?

The first step is to sign up to ReFi Hub. Additional eligibility criteria will be released soon alongside the launch of ReFi Hub. *US citizens will restricted to use the protocol. See our T&Cs for full info.

How do I sign up and how long will it take?

Signing up takes less than one minute. Simply go to ReFi Hub App, connect your wallet, or enter your email address to create an account.

How do I increase my Airdrop allocation?
  • Join our Zealy and complete missions.

  • Become part of our Partner communities. Want to become a partner? Submit your community here.

Finally, Lend, Invest or provision on the platform once we go live. *Expected launch date Q2 2024.

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