At ReFi Hub we believe that exponential growth is achieved with aligned incentives.

Here's how we can grow together: Referrals & Rewards

  1. Generate user referrals.

  2. Once you surpass 10 official invites (users who have KYCed), you qualify to become a ReFi Hub Plus partner.

  3. The Plus status enables you to earn lifetime commissions, on all investments made by your referees.


Your commission will be equivalent to 50% of the platform fee generated from users you refer.

Example: You refer 25 people to the platform. Each lends an average of $5,000 annually. Total amount invested per year through your referees = $125,000

The platform fees (2.5%) generated from these investments totals at $2,500. Making you eligible for $1,250 in annual commissions.

Note, these earning rates, will be fixed for the first two investment rounds. As the platform scales, they may be subject to change, to ensure incentives remain aligned.

Earnings will only be sent upon accruing more than $10 in commissions.

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