Funding Targets

At ReFi Hub, we believe in setting clear funding targets to ensure the success of every project. Here's how we approach funding targets:

Hard Cap: The hard cap represents the ideal loan amount that a business aims to secure through our platform. It serves as the maximum funding goal for a project. When a project's hard cap is reached or exceeded, funding may be considered complete, and the project can proceed with its mission.

Soft Cap: The soft cap, on the other hand, represents the minimum amount of funding needed for a project to achieve its mission and objectives. If a project's soft cap is not reached by the specified deadline, funding will not be delivered to the business. In such cases, investors will receive refunds for their investment amounts, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Setting both hard and soft caps allows us to create a structured and goal-oriented approach to fundraising. It ensures that projects have the necessary resources to thrive while protecting the interests of our investors.

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