Business Curation Process

At ReFi Hub, we take a meticulous approach to curating businesses that are listed on our platform. Our process consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Initial Application Process & Interviews

  • In this phase, businesses undergo a vetting process to ensure they have a feasible business plan and relevant experience. We conduct interviews and assessments to gauge their commitment and suitability for our platform.

Phase 2: Impact Assessment

  • Businesses selected in Phase 1 proceed to our Impact Assessment phase. Here, they are subjected to our impact assessment frameworks. We evaluate their potential to make a significant and measurable positive impact on the environment. Learn more in Impact Focus Areas.

Phase 3: Financial and Risk Analysis

  • In the final phase, all businesses are subjected to a comprehensive financial and risk analysis. Our dedicated financial team, with the assistance of cutting-edge AI-powered software Wiserfunding, thoroughly assesses the financial health and risk factors associated with these businesses.

By following this curation process, we ensure that every business listed on ReFi Hub meets our criteria for financial viability, environmental impact, and overall reliability. This commitment to excellence and due diligence safeguards your investments and supports sustainable businesses that make a difference.

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