Collateralization & Guarantees

At ReFi Hub, we prioritize the security of your investments. Here's how we ensure that:

  1. Stringent Business Vetting:

    • Every business listed on our platform undergoes a thorough vetting process from a operational, financial, and impact perspective. We carefully select businesses with a proven ability to generate environmental impact and deliver a return on investment.

  2. Secured Loans with Collateralization:

    • Some businesses on our platform offer loans that are backed by collateralization of real-world assets. These loans are marked with the (โ‚ด) symbol, indicating that they are secured loans. This added security provides you with peace of mind when investing.

  3. Guaranteed Loans:

    • For added protection, certain businesses are backed by guarantors. These loans are also marked with the (ยค) symbol. Guarantors provide an extra layer of assurance for your investments.

With ReFi Hub, you can trust that your investments are in safe hands. Our rigorous vetting process, collateralized loans, and guarantors all contribute to the security and reliability of your investments.

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